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Invisible Worlds is set in a magnificent secret Castle, surrounded by a haunted lost forest, with a full honeymoon rising. Deep within the dank and ever-shifting catacombs is a Journal of All-Knowing Truth and Wisdom. Once this Journal is opened there is no going back.

There are layers of existence within this Castle as time draws to a stop at 11:11 and everything exists in one constant Now. Within these chimes, everything is waking up. There are other worlds coexisting in the same space; vibrating on a different frequency. In this Castle, this night, these frequencies are about to get retuned…

Twenty guests have come along on a Paranormal Event to research the ‘unknown’, to use their Gifts and master them. Gifts such as psychometry and mediumship. It is an opportunity for the Geeks to try out their latest gadgets to contact the dead, maybe tune in and listen up: beneath the radio chatter reside those distant voices crying desperate to be heard. Some guests have come to cause mischief.

Little do they know, each guest has come by personal invitation.

An invitation to look sideways into mirrors while wondering of ghosts. Hear the dripping tap and the tapping in between. Switch on their Sixth Sense; listen closely… they are being called. They are being called to open their third eye and see through the illusion more clearly – because once you are awake in this Castle, between its prison chains rattling and the Widow Spirit sobbing, there is no going back to sleep…

A Cursed King. A Forgotten Queen. Multiple Dimensions. A Haunted Castle ruled by a Demon. 20 Guests. One Game.  – “Wanna play?”

Coming this Halloween. I cordially invite you to delve into Invisible Worlds while the veil is at its thinnest….. Don’t miss out. Stay awake with me… forever    Paula

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