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Invisible Worlds

It is a big book. It is 110 K words, within range for Fantasy books as it takes this generally to form other worlds. We need this amount of words. I love eBook form just because it keeps down the price and saves trees. Equally, I love the feel and smell of a favorite book and hold it to me like I’m home. I write because I love it. I write for my readers, for my characters and I am most alive when I am creating. Strangely, the more I delve into the worlds inside my book the more paranormal I have experienced around me. It has been an incredible journey.

Let me share a moment of the book launch. It was Halloween night, I gave up any remaining human self-doubt of will I ever be a Bronte? I went for a walk around the castle grounds with my novel tightly clutched and I wondered of all the wonders.

Adam and I were waiting for our twenty guests to arrive so we could start FPI’s all night investigation. This moment felt surreal, as you can imagine. (I was definitely experiencing some kind of de ju vu).

When the time felt right, I bathed my book with love and threw it out to the multiverse for all the other forgotten Queens and cursed Kings, for the tormented souls trapped deep within the castle walls, for my lovely Isabelle and one very bad Angel.

I realised then how they wrote themselves into my book as I have investigated this castle many times. The Room at the Top has always haunted my unconscious mind. (I obviously decided to explore there; and take you Orphans with me).

I allowed the words to flow freely as they came to me and through me. To you, my lovely fellow Orphans – (to whichever dimension you’re reading this from). I felt connected; alive, in the now; doing what I love not because I’m a genius (obviously) but because I care to dream. And I do dream big. I hope my novel hits many hearts not because I want to grow a big head but because I am a New Age Romantic in the age of communication… and it feels most natural to connect.

Is there anybody out there? Shout out if you can hear me?

Check out our FPI Ghost Box session: Adam and I use radio frequencies and full spectrum noise to communicate across worlds. Hint to my lovelies who are sinking ever deeper into Invisible Worlds (you might recognise a familiar voice).





After 2 years of hard work it’s an amazing feeling to hold the very first paperback off the press for Invisible Worlds.

For those of you who prefer the feel of the page, you can buy your very own paperback version here:


Look where we are staying the night!

dsc01212This is the Castle that inspired my fifth novel, “Invisible Worlds” and we are staying here tonight for Halloween!

I will be signing copies of the paperback and then we will be communicating with

the many spirits, astral beings and elementals who reside in this wonderful old building. Some of these otherworldly beings already haunt the pages of the book.

Some of you may recognise the voices…

Invisible Worlds is Unleashed!


Hello my lovely Orphans!

The wait is finally over…My fifth novel, Invisible Worlds is out now!

You can grab your very own copy by clicking the links below:



6 Days and Counting!


Invisible Worlds will be unleashed this Friday, 28th October.

Exciting times….

Invisible Worlds – Page 3

The all-seeing wall let go of Wye and she was standing back on dry tiles and shrouded in the green glow of the Fire Exit sign.

Jay reached into his rucksack and pulled out a beef sandwich. “The quest begins,” he smiled, saluting his sandwich to her for a full on whiff. “A man can’t work on an empty stomach.” He shoved it in his mouth. Down in one; true Paranormal Investigator style. “According to history books, this corridor is one of the oldest parts of the building. They’ve done loads of alterations over the centuries.”

“It used to be a tunnel.”

“Ah, you’ve done your homework on the place.” Jay felt his bullshit antennae twitch. “Keep it to yourself because I’m in here cold. I know nothing of the stories, just enough about the building. I want to see what my equipment can detect, try and get them talking. It’s got to be active. I bet it comes alive at night. Bet it will all kick off by midnight.”

“It could kick off way before that,” Wye mused as she became aware of the Journal pressing against her back. “Are you up for it if it does?”

Was that a challenge? “Hell yeah, bring it on.”

“Hmm, that’s just what I thought you’d say. Bring on what? What do you believe is out there?”

“Whatever. To catch something on camera would be great. Something so amazing that everyone will know my team doesn’t fake evidence. You know, something impressive and substantial; non-refutable proof in the paranormal that would blow every sceptic’s doubts sky high. Something strong enough to make a lasting impression on me, that I am completely convinced. I’ve been doing this for fifteen years, and I still haven’t got the answers.”

Jay was animated as he delivered his truth, pacing, gesticulating, creating in his imagination; conjuring his worse and inviting to receive it. Wye could see he was an eager explorer. With his wisps of dark hair and his war cry, even if it was mainly let out with local thrash metal bands. She knew he had the stamina to stay awake by the end of night two, as for the rest; not even she knew the way ahead and what it entailed.

The letter had intrigued her to pick up the Journal. The Journal had begged to be read. She had no idea of what lay amongst its pages, if it would supersede her every dream or if her nightmares would come crashing down.

“Sometimes you’ve just got to be,” Wye offered, as she skipped by him back towards the main part of the Castle and the awaiting guests. “And then other times you’ve just got to be in it to win it. Are you coming with me?”

“It looks that way.”

Invisible Worlds – Page 2

Jay chuckled; Wye was so ‘way out’, really out of her box. He had to admire her. She was beautiful in her strangest of quirky ways. Jay had a sense Wye would play down her oddities and try to move normally through mere mortals. He had glimpsed Wye in all her mad, crazy wonderment that seemed to run its course through her and every strand of her untameable long red hair, and amongst all of this, he had seen innocence. – Yet her body was pure woman with breasts and hips that jutted out in just the natural and perfect proportion.
He didn’t fancy her, with her amazing blue alive eyes which bore right through him. Too crazy. He feared insanity. Wye took crazy to a new level; off the dial Fairy realm style. He wasn’t even sure he wanted her joining his team. He had worked with her several times in the past, and each time had been a bizarre experience. He wasn’t sure the rest of his Paranormal Team would be able to withstand such an eccentric character but then the rest of his team weren’t here. They had rained-off. Wye was here, leaning into him with quizzical eyes as mayhem raged beneath.
“Are you picking anything up?” she asked.
Jay shrugged, “Not really, but it is a Castle so we can expect there to be loads of history. It’s going to be a good weekend.”
“Indeed it is,” Wye said, doing her best to hide her excitement; the Journal hid safely in the bag on her back. “Have any of the other teams arrived?”
“They’re all here, signing themselves in. I’ve not met any of them yet, but I heard them in the Dining Hall when I was coming down the stairs from the Guards Room.”
“Did you find the Events Organiser? Have they allocated rooms yet? I need to freshen up.”
“I got side-tracked. This place is amazing; so much atmosphere. There’s a thickness in the air like it’s holding its breath, waiting.”
She smiled at his passion. “Ok, you went on walkabout.”
“Something like that, but then so did you.” He surveyed the room he found her in for the first time, besides a dusty and faded tapestry hanging along the rear wall, the room was probably the dingiest of the otherwise elegant monument to the Past. Unimpressed, he said, “Think we should join the others, sign in and meet everyone – conform for a bit? It might be polite.”
Wye moved passed him into the corridor, the echoes of the stronghold soldiers drawing her closer. “You go right ahead, I’m ok here doing my own thing.” She held her hand out to the stone wall. Underneath was cool jagged pudding stone, intricately laced with quartz from the Queen of the Fairy Realm. Wye felt the buzzing against her hand and the energy of the quartz vibrating so fast against her touch, it was as though her hand was numbing.
“What are you getting?” Jay asked, as Wye felt along the wall slowly. He usually had low tolerance for such frivolities as he was a tech head, and liked his latest inventions to do the communicating; and not some crazy lady, picking up the latest research on the place and compromising his intelligence. He was beginning to realise Wye wasn’t like that. At the very least he was prepared to keep an open mind with this one. She had something, although he was unsure what; a coolness, a level of detachment he found intriguing. Something in her eyes gave her away, but he couldn’t describe it. The depth with which she sought him out when she looked him in the eye. The way she seemed to strip everything away to get to the essence. She was on the same quest as Jay just coming at it from a different angle.
“Nothing of significance,” Wye announced, and moved on along the corridor into the dark to sounds of condensation dripping from the dank arched ceiling into large dirty puddles. A little boy ran passed her, laughter travelling round the tunnel, the cheekiness on his face, trapped in time as an older girl gave chase, splosh splash, more slowly followed by a disgruntled Cook.

Invisible Worlds Page One


I used this Journal and everything makes sense. I close the leather-bound cover and I know, so well, I will never need another word in it. My story is finished. I am done here. I would like to say it’s been an incredible adventure, but I would be lying. You know this experience of this so-called life is just a conspiracy. It’s not real! It’s all an illusion. I found the answers. If you don’t believe me – read this Journal. Go ahead. Unlock its secrets; I double-dare you. You may see me as a ghost for very soon I shall blood-let, purge, purify and return whence I came, back to reality. Back to the Now, to conscious existence; awake from this nightmare; this dimension with its ties and burdens and I will shrug off this weight of vile flesh; this tiresome body. You want to do this journey? Are you curious? Open the Journal, reader of this letter; are you not wondering of all the wonders?

Wye considered opening the Journal, her hand shaking, mouth drying. It lay on the desk before her, so easily discovered. She dared to move her leg to stave cramp and tried to ignore the fallen corpses at her feet; their failure evident. What of Truth, Wye wondered, stroking the Journal with growing fascination. What of Death?

She looked down at the dead faces; the scared, the tortured, the macabre; the more she saw the less she knew. Would this Journal hold the Truth to all things? If by the end of it, would her journey in this life be complete? No more searching? No more bullshit? No more egos bitching between faiths and beliefs?

She rubbed her fingers across the indents of gold leaf scrolling and the symbols of ancient runes and admired the beautifully bounded ledger. She picked it up and felt a rush. Should she even be here, doing this? She turned the Journal onto its side and ran her finger along the smooth curl of inlaid parchment which appeared iridescent as mother of pearl to her touch. What words of Wisdom lay amongst these pages so sacrosanct?

Wye became aware of her surroundings as she heard footsteps along the stone corridor outside; the echo of fortress soldiers moving in to trap her. She grabbed her rucksack open and pushed the Journal and letter inside then snapped the bag shut, and turned to face her aggressors.

“Where did you disappear to? I’ve had KII (K2) activity in The Guards Room, second floor of the West Tower,” Jay announced in the doorway.

Wye smiled across at him. How oblivious he was to the dead on the floor. So oblivious, he could only see through them. Still at the start of this journey, though very enthusiastic to his cause. She held on to the stone wall and moved through the sea of corpses; multiplying, a swelling ocean of faces reaching out to her with their suffering. “There’s been much pain here.” She breezed her hand.

“What, in this room?”

“No, in this dimension.”


Hello Fellow Orphans

Hello Fellow Orphans.

I am about to blog the first page of my new novel, Invisible Worlds – Awakening. This is such an exciting time for me as it’s been 2 years in the making. It is now at print so it won’t be long before I can hold this baby. I love the feel of the pages falling open. I’ve always loved books.

I’m not sure how it is going to be received; but it is what it is. I have absolutely loved writing it, amongst moments of torture (because I am a romantic gothic type, at heart). I wrote it through the voices of the many.

To say it is been two years in the making would be a lie; indeed, it’s been a seven year journey, now I come to think of it. I met Adam. He introduced me to ghosts. We started a paranormal team, FPI, and I started seeing ghosts. If you don’t believe me, turn to page one. I double-dare you. Are you not wondering of all the wonders…



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