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Paula Heath lives in the Wye Valley: the English/Welsh boarder-lands between the Welsh Mountains and her beloved Forest of Dean. It was in this forest, she was born. She grew up with these forests as her playground where her imagination roamed free.

The Forest of Dean is a magical place. The mystical elements are in her very roots; blessed from first breath. She has watched the full moon over its misty ponds and imagined vampires who dwell there. She has sat on the Blood Stone wondering of the witches that trod this forest in yesteryear. She has felt their whispers on the breeze and heard them calling. All of this she pours into her writing, with gentle weaves of truth for those who swim the depths of natural law. She describes herself as a true romantic with a passionate heart.

She is happiest when she is walking with her witch’s cat, Mr Binx and poodle wolf, Zen, through the meadows with the mountains stretching out on the horizon; and characters playing out some crazy scene all around her. She is blessed with a loving husband, Adam: her rock, her Gypsy King; who understands her needs to wander barefoot and dance in the rain.

Adam Heath is Team Founder and Leader of FPI, Forest Paranormal Investigations. Over the years, he and Paula have built up a reputable Paranormal Team, appearing on Great British Ghosts and radio interviews with the BBC. Paula loves exploring the paranormal; so natural it’s normal. And she is honoured to have met some interesting entities who have been inspirational in her art, along her journey through her forest. As she unleashes the vampires and witches, demons and lost souls onto the world, she hopes that her words will hit home. It is her grandest dream to guide others to unlock the secrets and come find Sanctuary…

It’s safe here… honest.’ PAULA HEATH

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