The all-seeing wall let go of Wye and she was standing back on dry tiles and shrouded in the green glow of the Fire Exit sign.

Jay reached into his rucksack and pulled out a beef sandwich. “The quest begins,” he smiled, saluting his sandwich to her for a full on whiff. “A man can’t work on an empty stomach.” He shoved it in his mouth. Down in one; true Paranormal Investigator style. “According to history books, this corridor is one of the oldest parts of the building. They’ve done loads of alterations over the centuries.”

“It used to be a tunnel.”

“Ah, you’ve done your homework on the place.” Jay felt his bullshit antennae twitch. “Keep it to yourself because I’m in here cold. I know nothing of the stories, just enough about the building. I want to see what my equipment can detect, try and get them talking. It’s got to be active. I bet it comes alive at night. Bet it will all kick off by midnight.”

“It could kick off way before that,” Wye mused as she became aware of the Journal pressing against her back. “Are you up for it if it does?”

Was that a challenge? “Hell yeah, bring it on.”

“Hmm, that’s just what I thought you’d say. Bring on what? What do you believe is out there?”

“Whatever. To catch something on camera would be great. Something so amazing that everyone will know my team doesn’t fake evidence. You know, something impressive and substantial; non-refutable proof in the paranormal that would blow every sceptic’s doubts sky high. Something strong enough to make a lasting impression on me, that I am completely convinced. I’ve been doing this for fifteen years, and I still haven’t got the answers.”

Jay was animated as he delivered his truth, pacing, gesticulating, creating in his imagination; conjuring his worse and inviting to receive it. Wye could see he was an eager explorer. With his wisps of dark hair and his war cry, even if it was mainly let out with local thrash metal bands. She knew he had the stamina to stay awake by the end of night two, as for the rest; not even she knew the way ahead and what it entailed.

The letter had intrigued her to pick up the Journal. The Journal had begged to be read. She had no idea of what lay amongst its pages, if it would supersede her every dream or if her nightmares would come crashing down.

“Sometimes you’ve just got to be,” Wye offered, as she skipped by him back towards the main part of the Castle and the awaiting guests. “And then other times you’ve just got to be in it to win it. Are you coming with me?”

“It looks that way.”